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Wood Floors

Keen Company offers laminate wood floors in high quality and with warranty against wear and mis-coloring. 

The floors gives a very comfortable floor and comes with a anti-noice system.

Keen Company wants to set trends, and not just follow them, it necessary to have a keen sense of social developments and needs.

This is the only way to secure and offer innovative and demand-oriented products. Keen Company offers a wide range

of laminate wood floors manufactured in modern facilities  in Denmark.

We offer high quality floors with a unique glue less lock system that secures the floor interlocking for life.

The floors are very easy to maintain and can withstand even the toughest wear and loads due to the special

hard compressed laminate surface.

All materials are made from natures own materials manufactured in a cutting edge plant. We also offers installation by our own installationteam and maintenance guidance to secure long lasting floors.